This is what evil looks like. This tweet, by alleged game dev Zoe Quinn aka Chelsea van Valkenburg (personal details available on request), confesses the intentional endangerment of blood recipients by lying about her previous sexual encounters. A twentysomething without any medical education, Ms Quinn believes she knows better and she is fine with others bearing the risk. A few of you might know that I depend on blood and blood immunoglobulins for survival. I dot have an option. Ms Quinn thinks her political views justify my endangerment, and to hell with the consequences – she’s now sorta famous and somehow that means she gets to make the rules. Evil is the intentional disregard of others’ lives for her own virtue-signaling. I’m sure she’s very proud of her views, I just don’t think we should be endangered for it. Evil is when patients no longer matter, only her views, based on a totally false understanding of immunology and diagnostics, do. Remember – this is someone with no basis or education to make there calls. If you’re a frequent blood donor, especially in the Bay Area or LA, please look up her face. Should you see her at a blood drive, please immediately alert staff, showing the screen cap. You might save lives. Should you have concerns about this, please contact the American Red Cross.

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