This girl. This girl, who took me as the mess I was and saw something in me. This girl who shared her life with me with an openness divine. This girl, who made this boy a man by teaching him about responsibility, faith, courage and steadfastness. This girl, who made me a promise two years ago. A marriage is not a bond or an institution. It is, first an foremost, a promise. A promise to guard a frail, tiny, fist-sized muscle again the ravages of age, the gales of the storm and the frosty grasp of a callous world. This girl made a promise, and Heaven knows, if she’s ever been close to breaking it, I must have been asleep. And I can only hope to live up to my promise an equal, and be half the human that she is. I have loved every single moment of our last two years of being the Dorky McGorgeouses with you by my side (and if you consider what the last two years were like, that’s saying a lot…), and there’s nobody I’d rather face the future with, be it a day or an eternity, than this awesome, fantastic, sweet girl with the soul of an angel and the heart of a lioness. I love you, Katie.

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