You can’t take the sky from us! @katvcsefalvay and I have been having an absolute blast with this game. The idea of a procedurally generated game world is, to a maths geek like me, absolutely stunning. is not a game for everyone and quite a lot of mostly misunderstood hate has been heaped upon it. There is a lot that you find in ‘traditional’ games absent from #NMS. But open your mind to it, and you may just witness one of the most revolutionary video games ever made. To quote my wife, that things like this exist is our consolation prize for probably not getting to stand on the surface of another planet in our lifetimes. While I have not given up hope (despite humanity choosing the Path of the Wimptrovert), I do enjoy games like #NMS. Also, some utterly dorkily named planets. Good job, @hellogames_official @nomanssky @nomansskygame.

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