“Tell us where it hurts.” “EVERYWHERE!” My new interdisciplinary pain clinic sent me a thirty-page pain inventory, with the usual silly question: where *does* it hurt? Localized pain is easy to treat, relatively anyway. It gets less easy when it’s all over the place. We suspect that or its treatment fried my nervous system and MS is a result of that, as is my pain. As such, the pain is caused not in the body (somatic pain) but in the nerves that misfire (neuropathic pain), sometimes all over the place. So where does it hurt? Everywhere, and sometimes at the same time. I’m hopeful that my new pain clinic will be able to deal with this – we are looking at a to see if we could at least create pain free patches. That sure would be a lovely relief. According to my GP, I’m the most positive pain patient he has ever encountered – and I try to be so, because I’ve got a hunch that if I didn’t, I’d die or go mad! And apparently, I’m not allowed to do either. So here we go! Onto page 2 of 32!

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