A three-day summer flu is sweeping through our home and both my wife and I are knocked down. She drew this self-portrait to cheer herself, the poor darling. I’m no stranger to sickness (and tend to take it in relatively good humour), but I hate seeing others I love go through even so much as a relatively mild cold. So I’ve been taking care of all our favorite Foxlet with hot teas and nuclear grade decongestants that make Hans Blix want to steal your used tissues. I’m hopeful we both will have shaken this bug by week’s end (and bonus points if it does not decide to crash my already precariously low blood counts… thanks #aplasticanemia!). Though I note that not even a cold can blunt this girl’s artistic talents. I’m so incredibly proud of my gorgeous, talented wife! Over the last few months, I’ve seen her artistic talents blossom to new levels, and it’s such a privilege watching her create. I’m just so incredibly lucky I get to be there and watch. #feelbetterfoxlet! 😉

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