My next speaking engagement will be, oddly enough, on a podcast. I’ve never actually been a guest on a podcast, so when the awesome Devon invited me to join her on Bugs, Blood and Bones – a podcast about, as you might be able to guess, creepy crawlies, osteology and forensically disgusting stuff -, I couldn’t say no. I’m really looking forward to it! It will come out on 22 October.

I will be speaking at eRum 2018, in Budapest, 14-16 May, giving a short talk about synthetic populations in R using the synthpop package.

I’ve been something of a fixture on the international speaking circuit in various topics, such as

  • computational epidemiology and novel computational methods for predicting epidemics,
  • biosecurity, biodefense and the Next Big One,
  • technology augmenting healthcare, and how to do it well,
  • pharmacovigilance and next generation solutions from Phase I to after-market semiactive surveillance,
  • analytics of large scale data, especially Bayesian methods for association mining
  • WMD decommissioning, especially the use of ZKPs for verification (only for cleared audiences, sorry).

At this time, I am regrettably a little busy and cannot take any immediate speaking engagements. Should you wish for me to join you at your event and speak, please contact me to see what we can work out.