Chris von Csefalvay

Chris von Csefalvay is a clinical computational epidemiologist, data scientist & AI expert with an emphasis on using technology to help people live longer, healtier lives. Born in Hungary and trained in the UK, he has been living and travelling all over the world over the last fifteen years. His research interests are primarily related to population modelling, infectious disease dynamics and filoviruses. Chris lives near Arlington, VA, and spends most of his free time with his wife Katie, an artist and art historian, and their golden retriever, Ollie.


Software development and bug squashing for a living.

Data in society

The intersection between numbers and people.

Data science

Making sense of data.


Moving data and making it work.

Epidemiology &c.

Health, disease and squiggly math.

Everything else

Stuff, odds and ends and whatever didn’t fit into the other categories.


May occasionally contain dog photos.

Machine learning and AI

Teaching machines all the wrong things.


Debunking bullshit in my spare time.