Chris von Csefalvay has been active in the research and development of new technologies, ideas and solutions for perennial problems. Of these, a significant part is unfortunately subject to non-disclosure and governmental secrecy provisions for national security reasons. His principal areas of interest and investigation are

  • mathematics: elliptic curve cryptography (research currently classified), mathematical physics (esp. explosive lensing, research currently classified), zero-knowlege proofs of CBRN decommissioning
  • epidemiology: computational epidemiology, especially modeling disease-avoidant behaviour and general modeling (research currently classified)
  • virology: host-pathogen interactions, V(D)J recombination, sarbecoviruses (reserach currently classified), filoviridae (research currently classified)
  • computer science: graph algorithms (research currently classified), sensor fusion computation (research currently classified), computer vision and deep learning

Selected research papers by Chris von Csefalvay

Selected patents & applications

  • A Method, Software and Architecture for the Monitoring of Data Flows in ETL Systems, GB1420320.2 (15 November 2014)
  • A method, software and architecture for a graphical user interface for creating, editing, visualizing and authenticating smart contracts, GB1605154.2 (11 May 2016)
  • Preventing repeated malicious online communications using a proof of work approach, GB1607128.4 (08 June 2016)