Turns out that being severely anaemic and the reduced partial pressure of oxygen in high altitude trans-continental flights don’t mix. With a Hgb level barely above 6.5, I was expecting some shortness of breath and suchlike, but when my muscles started to burn like I just ran a marathon and my vision became woozy, I knew that things weren’t ok. The wonderful United Airlines cabin crew handled the whole issue with the utmost professionalism and without any panic or exaggeration – they simply gave me an oxygen tank and let me fix myself, just as I prefer.ย  A few hours later, and I’m much, much better (although until my counts recover, I think I’ll have to organise oxygen for future trips). We’re an hour and a half out of Newark and have about 6 hours to go to DC, when we finally get to meet more of our awesome family! Katie and I couldn’t be more excited – after a few fantastic days in Paris with my lovely parents, we’re looking forward to visit our DC and Indiana kin. My sats are slowly back to normal, Katie is enjoying Finding Dory, and life is awesome. And that’s the point here – by not panicking, trying to take this as just another part of the adventure, we sailed through what could otherwise have been a frightening (but really not particularly serious) experience. Sometimes, the biggest gift St. Christopher can give you for the road is good people and a solid sense of humour.

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  1. I hope you enjoy your visit to DC! Please let me know if you’d like a Capitol tour! I’d be happy to personally escort you and take you on the Senate (and maybe the House) floor(s)!

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