My dance card is sadly pretty much full for the rest of 2018, but please e-mail me using the contact page to see what we can do.

Planning an event?

I’ve been something of a fixture on the international speaking circuit in various topics, such as

  • computational epidemiology and novel computational methods for predicting epidemics,
  • biosecurity, biodefense and the Next Big One,
  • technology augmenting healthcare, and how to do it well – both from a patient and a clinician perspective,
  • pharmacovigilance and next generation solutions from Phase I to after-market semiactive surveillance,
  • analytics of large scale data, especially Bayesian methods for association mining, and
  • for cleared audiences only: WMD decommissioning, especially the use of ZKPs for verification and verifying

I’d love to speak at your next event! Do give me a shout to see what we can work out.

Recent speaking engagements

Bugs, Blood and Bones

At the invitation of Devon, I have had the opportunity to talk at her podcast about filoviridae, bugs, computational epidemiology and some other fun topics. Check out part 1 and part 2.

Neo4j Budapest, 2018

Talking to an audience of graph database experts, it was a privilege to discuss potential uses of graph databases and graph modelling in computational epidemiology.

Big Data Week, London, 2017

Cats, IoT and machine learning. What can we learn from a small homebrew sensor system monitoring one very spoilt cat? A lot, it turns out.