Over the last few years, I’ve been active in the research and development of new technologies, ideas and solutions for perennial problems. Of these, a significant part is subject to non-disclosure and governmental secrecy provisions due to industry and/or national security relevance, respectively. A smattering of my public research is below. My principal areas of interest are

  • mathematics: elliptic curve cryptography (research currently classified), mathematical physics (esp. explosive lensing, research currently classified), Lie algebras, dabbling in K-theory
  • statistics: social network analysis, network metrics, graph network statistical algorithms, social graph ecology
  • epidemiology: computational epidemiology, especially modeling disease-avoidant behaviour and general modeling (research currently classified), filoviruses and filoviral haemorrhagic fevers (research currently mostly classified)
  • computer science: graph algorithms (research currently classified), sensor fusion computation (research currently classified), anything blockchain-related, code generation and compiler theory, computer vision and deep learning
  • law: causation, probability, risk and liability, causal logic and inference in tort

Selected research papers

Selected patents & applications